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Sukhothai Cafe Staff - Chef Jintana

Chef Jintana

Double the Flavor, Double the Fun

When you walk into Sukhothai Café … Jitar is the first person you’ll see. She is also one of the two twin sisters who make the Sukhothai Café so special. Yes, two delightful Thai twin sisters, Jitar and Jintana, are the heart and soul of this fantastically delightful restaurant.

Jitar’s love of entertaining began in Bangkok, Thailand where she was raised. Her home as a child was filled with the love of her mom, dad, and large family of two brothers and seven sisters. Jitar laughs out loud as she describes her duties at her home that were to cook and serve more meals than most restaurants do daily. She often dreamt of opening a restaurant, so as soon as she could, she was headed off to college.

After graduating college with a Master’s Degree in marketing, she was invited by a close friend to travel and visit the United States and Yellowstone Park, Montana to see if she would like to start a restaurant there. It is lucky for us here on Kauai that her friend brought her over in the dead of a cold snowy winter because it wasn’t long before Jitar decided to head back and make the sunny shores of Kauai her home.

It is here in Kapaa that Jitar and her twin sister Jintana have worked side by side for over twenty years. Today the Sukhothai Café is “the go-to place” for fine Thai Dining on Kauai. As their popularity continues to soar, they recently opened their new larger and delightfully appointed location strategically located at 4-1330 Kuhio Hwy. in Kapaa.

Jitar wanted her customers to enjoy the fine dining experience that Sukhothai Café has become synonymous with so her first order of business was to have their new downtown Kapaa location renovated by an award winning contractor and also to add an open air fresh fruit market out front in order to provide healthy choices for locals and tourists alike.

“What we achieved is a place of both intrigue and delight, … a gathering place … full of food, fun and laughter, where Thai spices waft through the air and special sauces flavor the special one of a kind dishes. And for those who like to go where no man has ever gone, try “Thai Hot” (you’ve been warned)! Sukhothai Café is were to come to relax, sit down and have a great meal and a good conversation … a place where we can all enjoy the stories of what happened here today on Kauai … the most beautiful place on earth.

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Seven Days a Week
11:00 AM to 8:30 PM
then To Go Orders Until 9:00 PM


4-1330 Kuhio Hwy
Kapaa, HI 96746
(808) 821-1224